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Mr. Kaushalendra Singh

Part-Time Faculty
Education Qualification : M.A. (Specialization: Indian Writings in English)
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  Email-ID: kaushalendra.singh2011@gmail.com  
Courses / Paper Taught:



H.S. 1st Year

Prose, Poetry, and Grammar

H.S. 2nd Year

Prose, Poetry, and Grammar

B.A. 1st Sem.

General Course- English-Transcoding

Alternative English- Poetry

Major- Restoration Period in History of English Literature

B.A. 2nd Sem.

General Course- Prose in General/Alternative English

Major- 18th Century Literature

B.A. 3rd Sem.

Communication Skill- Comprehension, arrangements of words

General English- Poems

B.A. 4th Sem.

Alternative English- Stories

Major 401- Essays- Lambe, Orwell

Major- 402 Novels- History and Novels

B.A. 5th Sem.

Major 501: Drama: Pygmalion

Major 503: Great European Thinkers

Major 504: Novels in Indian Writing in English

B.A. 6th Sem.

Major 601: Criticism-The study of poetry Arnold

Major 603: Colonial Criticism      

Major 604: Basic Sentences Structure

Guest Teacher

Govt. Nursing School,  St. Lukes Nursing School, Tinsukia


Area of Interest:

Philosophy of John Locke related to literature 

Other Publications:
  • Poetry Collections - HIS MUSINGS
  • Hinduism : A Sure Shot Path for Natural Conservation (To be published)
Life Membership:
  • Vice President of School Management and Development Committee, Hindusthani Vidyalaya
  • Member of Haemophilia Society of India, Tinsukia Chapter
  • Member of Bhojpuri Sahitya Sabha
  • General Secretary of AkhilBharatiya Kshatriya Mahasabha, Tinsukia District