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Dr. Abhijit Mukherjee

Assistant Professor
Education Qualification : M. Sc., Ph. D
Contact Details Contact No.: 0374-2351574
  Email-ID: bhijitm@rediffmail.com  
Courses / Paper Taught: Algebra, Calculus, Real Analysis, Number Theory, Mechanics, Space Dynamics, Integral Transform
Area of Interest:

Applied Mathematics

Selected Publications:


1. Cosmologies with Variable G and Lambda from Action principle.

Published in the International Journal:- GRG(General Relativity and Gravity, Impact Factor =1.9),

New York, Vol-32,No.8,2000, ISSN:0001-7701



2.String Models in Lyra Geometry.

Published in the Indian Journal- Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics,

Vol-32(2), February-2001,ISSN:0019-5588


3.Bianchi Cosmologies with Bulk Viscosity in the presence Of particle creation.

Published in the International Journal GRG(General Relativity and Gravity, Impact Factor=1.9),

New York, Vol-32,No.8,2000, ISSN:0001-7701



Life Membership:

Assam Academy of Mathematics, Guwahati

Indian Science Congress Association(ISCA), Kolkata

Indian Mathematical Society
Assam College Teachers Association