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From Principal's Desk

                   A warm welcome to Women's College, Tinsukia - the emerging Epicenter of highest level of quality education for Women. 

                 If you are looking forward to a bright future ensconced in security, our College is the best place to start with. At Women's College, Tinsukia we value our students - wide range of backgrounds they come from, energy and enthusiasm that the students bring to the college. Here we put all the hard works to ensure that they get the best opportunities to learn,  enjoy their stint in the college to the fullest and at the same time, get themselves ready  for the challenges ahead. Our prime goal is to ensure that all the students Graduate from this College with skills, knowledge and qualifications that would be useful and productive throughout their lives. Ours is one such College in this part of the world that provides Career oriented Vocational, Add-on courses to our students along with the general Undergraduate courses.

 INFRASTRUCTURE (Facilities) ... A Strong Foundation

           To our students we provide the best facilities possible. Classrooms & Lecture Halls with Smart Boards, LCD projectors, Audio systems, Two computer labs equipped with the latest IT tools, a very rich Library, where the best of journals, books, Book Banks, Media Centre, Conference Rooms, Digital Class Rooms are available.  For refreshment and relaxation the students have a well furnished Girls’ Common Room equipped with LCD TV and indoor games, a Yoga Centre and a Multi Gym. Our Canteen is very good and it provides hygenic food at a resonable price. We have ensured that pure drinking water facility and Clean toilets are available to our students.

                     In the Administrative Block you will come across with Office staffs, who are very efficient and ready to help. Our hostel is very good, where parents/ guardians can enroll their wards in the safe and caring hand of the Warden. The food in the Hostel is really good all the basic facilities are available to the boarders. It gives me  pleasure to announce that our College provides free Yoga and Martial Art training to our students (we want to see our students healthy and strong enough to protect themselves from the dirty elements of the society). We are the only College that has a Health Center and an Ambulance of its own.

                     It is a great privilege to be the Principal of this Knowledge Hub and honour to work hand-in-hand with all the brilliant, resourceful faculty members who share the same hopes and dreams with me for the future of the college with alacrity. I am also proud of my students and whole heartedly believe that with the potential they have, they are going to make our nation proud.    

                                                                                                       Dr. Rajib Bordoloi
                                                                                                 Women's College, Tinsukia