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Rules for Admission : -
  • Application for admission into the college should be made in prescribed application form issued by the college office along with the College Prospectus on payment of Rs. 250/- only.
  • Admission into the college is made in order of merit and is governed by the college admission rules.
  • Applicants are required to produce the original copies of (i) Marksheet of the last qualifying examinations, (ii) Age Certificate and (iii) Caste Certificate wherever necessary, at the time of interview. Students passing the qualifying examination earlier than the current year will have to submit a Gap Certificate from the Head of the Institution last attended or a responsible person preferably a Government Gazzetted Officer testifying to their activities during the interim period. All the applicants must submit attested copies of (i) and (ii) above at the time of admission. Applicants belonging to S.C., S.T., O.B.C., M.O.B.C., and T.G.T. categories must also submit an attested copy of (iii) above in addition to (i) and (ii). For hostel admission, admitted student will have apply separately later on. Necessary payment for the purpose of college admission will have to be made on the same day. Announcement regarding the commencement of regular classes will be notified separately.
  • H.S. and T.D.C. 1st year students who fail to get promotion to the next higher class may also apply for admission along with the fresh applicants. They will not, however, get any preferential treatment in respect of admission to the college or to the hostel.
  • Students migrating from Boards / Universities outside jurisdiction of AHSEC or Dibrugarh University have to submit Migration Certificate in original from the concerned Board / University along with application for Eligibility Certificate with the required fee.

Admission of Unsuccessful Students :
  • Students detained in the College Test Examinations of H.S. 1st year, H.S. 2nd year, T.D.C. 1st year, T.D.C. 2nd year and T.D.C. 3rd year will not be re-admitted as regular students. They may be considered for admission as casual students.
  • Unsuccessful students of H.S. 1st year, H.S. 2nd year, T.D.C. 1st year, T.D.C. 2nd year and T.D.C. 3rd year Examinations who appear from this College shall have to get their names enrolled as casual students and appear in the Test Examination.

Reservation Rules :
  • There is provision for reservation of seats for students belonging to S.C., S.T. (Hills), S.T. (Plains), O.B.C., M.O.B.C., T.G.T., and Physically Handicapped students as per Government rules.
  • Seats may be allotted to students having outstanding performance records in the field of Sports, culture, N.C.C. and other Extra-Curricular Activities.